Wellers Bay, Prince Edward County, ON Canada
view from county home: Wellers Bay, Prince Edward County, ON. Canada

donald WALKER is a graduate of York University’s [Toronto, ON Canada] public affairs focused Glendon College [Canadian history and political science]. Retired from a three-decade public service career with the Government of Ontario, he divides his time between an urban residence in Toronto and a country retreat in Prince Edward County, ON where he feels close to his agrarian roots. His interests include volunteerism and the philanthropic sector, the environment, public policy, governance, politics, media, technology, bicycling and LGBT Issues. He is a member of the York University White Rose Legacy Circle, the Friends of Glendon College and the Friends of Wellers Bay.

“I’m a boomer, and the circles I travel in lean pretty heavily social democratic. A lot of us are Canadians for-Bernie types, readers of The Guardian and Vox, a bit ashamed about our fossil fuel consumption, enthused about long-overdue reckonings with racism, appalled by police brutality. Some of us march in Pride parades and donate to Médecins sans frontières. We are progressives.” –Steven Lewis, Adj Prof of Health Policy, Simon Fraser University

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